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84 san francisco, 86 santa cruz, but 70s for many, the fog is going parallel, not really moving in away from the coast it will be hot, 90s and low 100s, here is sal. >> steve, word of an injury crash with police and fire on the way. right now looking at san francisco. that traffic is moving along well. also this morning's commute on 80 westbound and eastbound off to a nice start. at 5:59, back to dave and pam. >> thank you, sal. there is a new effort this morning to block california's first execution in nearly five years. convicted rapist and murderer albert greenwood brown is set to die at 12:01 a.m. wednesday in san quinton's newly renovated death chamber. kraig debro is outside the prison with an update on the case. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, pam. the condemned man has filed an appeal with the 9th u.s. circuit court of appeals in san francisco but it appears only the prison can actually -- if the 9th circuit u.s. court doesn't grant -- [ inaudible ]
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>> reporter: -- only then. the condemned man is albert green woofed brown. he was sentenced to death in 1982 for the rape and murder of a 15-year-old riverside, california, girl. this morning attorneys speaking for brown will ask a marin superior court to stay the execution. they say changes to the lethal injection protocol are minor and that the judge that allowed it to go forward doesn't respond correctly or allow public commentment yesterday he missed a deadline to choose between a one drug execution and a three drug execution. >> the judge's ruling today really gives albert brown a hobson's choice, which is no choice at all. judge fogel is saying albert brown must either give up his rights under the federal constitution or his rights under state law. it is completely unfair. >> the 9th circuit court of
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appeal will look at several of the issues including the judge's ruling itself. the judge, who said there are several significant issues he didn't have time to really examine, the 9th circuit could say we need to make the time. we need to stay the exexcuse and review all these issues in the case. >> and the decision obviously wasn't today but on friday. a judge halted executions in california 2006, agreeing with a legal challenge which claimed procedures for a three drug cock stale aimed at killing the condemned were not clear, recordkeeping was bad and the death chamber too dimly lit for staff to monitor the procedure. the u.s. district judge says he is now allowing it to proceed because of a supreme court ruling in 2008 upheld lethal injections in kentucky and because ohio and washington state have been using one drug excuses for the past year with no reported problems. that, even as he continues to preside over a lawsuit challenging the very same procedure. coming up we will have more on
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the execution, the excuse on the crime that put alfred brown two days away from execution in the first place. reporting live at san quinton, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we will continue to follow this story throughout the mompletion. get updates any time by going to our website, and clicking on the death row tab near the top of the home page. >> 6:02. this morning congresswoman jackie spear goes back to the san bruno disaster zone. she will announce her pipeline safety plan. her plan says that pipelines running through earthquake zones and densely populated areas would have to have automatic or remoted control shut off valves and pipeline operators would also be forced to contact any property owners living within 2000 feet of a gas pipeline. >> it is now 6:03. we want to go back over to sal. we have been watching the east bay. how about the rest of the area as well? >> you know what? everything is starting off pretty well, pam and dave, so i
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am glad to say that we are looking at everything and we don't have any major problems although we do have a problem in the south bay when it comes to an accident on northbound 87 at curt near, an injury crash not causing a big traffic jam but it is there with fire and police on the scene. also this morning's commute is okay on the san mateo bridge. that traffic looks good out to e h high rise and over to foster city. this morning's drive if you are driving to the toll plaza of the bay bridge westbound that traffic is doing along -- moving along pretty well. already a little bit of a slow down getting on to the bridge. at 6:04 here is steve. >> all righty, sal, thank you. we start off with clear skies exempt right by the coast there is some fog that is just kind of hugging the coast so keep that in mind, maybe highway 1 you encounter thick fog, 2 or 300 feet and that is about it. the coast 70s and 80s away from the coast 90s and 100s, thick fog hanging out there for a while. fire danger goes up today. we don't have a north-northeast
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wind but because it is going to be hot high pressure is building in and in a big way right along the west coast so nice by the coast but hot away and temperatures today they will be warming up. now yesterday we stilt had hot conditions santa rosa 97, we will go 100 today. the city was nun on saturday, 74 on sunday. i am going 84 today. that walnut creek shed a was 90 something yesterday. 100 today and san jose also. 99 today. one of the keys, the very warm air aloft. mt. tam is 80 already, already 80. i mean there in lies why that fog is so shallow and why temperatures 50s and 60s, and why it won't take long to get warm, 60s for some, 50s in the valley, 60s and 70s up and down the coast. the ke is this system deeping a little bit and that sends up the high, that is why we are going to warm up. today is the hottest day now except for the coast it is just so difficult when you get na fog over there but away 90s, 100s, so fog near the cove, warm to hot away. temperatures anywhere from
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upper 60s to low 100s today, quite a spread. we will have some low 100s gin land, it's will be a cooker for some, but by the beaches 70s and 80s, today will be the hottest day. then still hot inland on tuesday, we start a little cooling trend wind. we will carry that in for everybody by thursday and friday, pam and dave. >> today is another spare the air day. you are being asked to drive less and just public transportation. >> 6. th 06. the hot weather is sparking concerns obviously about fire danger and heat related power outages, ktvu's paul chairman beer is is in hayward now where there were big problems over the weekend. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. the hot weather is causing headaches for some and extra work for others. here in hey washed and in castro valley over the weekend 33 thousand customers lost power due to a power outage and a power overload. now cal fire is also on stand by bringing in extra crews
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preparing for a possible wildfire. >> we are primed up for having another bad bit of fire if we have the weather and have the weather now. >> they say oftentimes the mixture of higher temperatures and lower humid ugreatly increases the chance of a fire, that is why they are spending their time out on patrol making sure people arrow baying fire safety laws. dry grass coupled with the hot weather, carelessness or a minor mistake could easily have an entire area engulfed in flames, that is why they represented people who do yard work or things around the house get it done early because something as small as a lawn mower could start a fire. >> people mowing in hotter days like today, where they can smith a rock or something like that and cause a spark and that kind of stuff could start fires. >> reporter: now cal fire also says this is the time to remember to keep the brush around your home cut back 100 feet from dispensable space. also pg&e is recommending careful energy usage this week
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during the heat wave. customers who lost the power over the weekend lost it due to a heated related failure. they are telling people to keep windows and blinds closed in the morning to save cool air. turning off lights and appliances when they are not used and reset air-conditioning to 65 degrees when out of the house and around 75 whenome. once again paul the power of course in castro valley and here in hayward has been restored. live in hayward, paul chambers ktvu channel 2 news. >> time now 6:0 8. police are hoping video will provide critical clues after a terrifying takeover robbery at a danville consignment store. this happened friday at the home consignment center on camino ramon. investigators say three hooded men burst into the store. they immediately used pepper spray on the employees and the customers. witnesses say they then used a sledgehammer to smash open the
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jewelry cases. >> it all happened so quickly, personally i was in the office, an employee came through the door and said a little bit about pepper spray and she was calling 911. >> no one was hurt, police say the robbers got away in a white sedan, possibly a cadillac. >> book burning at the pentagon, why the defense department says it had to destroy all 10,000 copies of a book written an american who fought in afghanistan. >> reporter: i am alison burns in washington, d.c. i will thousand you why the obama administration wants new power to intercept e-mail communications coming up as the morning news continues. >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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the 0 bam administration wants to make it easier for the government to eavesdrop on internet and e-mail communications alison burns joins us from our washington, d.c. news reasonable with the latest on the gift's efforts to keep up with technology, alison. >> reporter: well, good morning to you, pam. after the attempted -- the failed attempted bombing in times square this year the deposit learned the suspect had been communicating through a service they would have had trouble intercepting. it is just one example of how the government spies are struggling to keep up with the latest communications technology. and why the new york times reports the obama administration will ask
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congress to okay new eavesdropping rules next year. the feds say their ability to wiretap criminal and terrorism suspects is going dark as more people communicate on line rather than by phone. so now they want all services like skype and blkberries and social networking sites like facebook to be technically capable of complying with a wiretap order. privacy groups say the fusted is going way too far here and the change would have huge implications, live from washington, d.c. alison burns, ktvu channel two news. >> the defense department says it bought and destroyed all 10,000 copies of operation dark heart, because it revealed military secrets. the book was written by an army reserve officer about his
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special opens mission in p afghanistan. >> an iranian newspaper says a del dpaition from yeoman will go to iran to fight for the release of shawn bower and josh vet al. officials in aman were key players in gingt sarah shourd released earlier this month. there are conflicting reports now about an incident this weekend along the border of iran and iraq. iranian tv says iran any forces crossed into iraq yesterday and they killed 30 kurdish fighters. iran accuses those rebels of a bombic attack last week on a military parade in iran that killed 12 women and children. however a spokesman for the kurdish rebels says there have been no recent battles with palestinians. >> >> today he sa there will be a pull out now that a israeli
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moratorium has ended. they resumed the minute the
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moratorium expired. [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> there is a new pole that shows jerry brown has a noor row lead over meg white man. the los angeles times pole found that 49% of likely voters said they would support brown compared to 44% for meg whitman, now again the first debate between them takes place tomorrow evening. you can see it live exclusively right here on ktvu beginning at 6:00 p.m. >> today san francisco supervisors will consider banning toy give-aways at fast food restaurants. the proposal would make it illegal for those businesses to offer toys with children's meals that exceed specific levels of fat, sugar, salt and calories. supporters say the toys encourage children to eat unhealthy foods. but restaurant owners contend that parents not politicians should decide what children eat. a fast food toy ban is already in effect in santa clara
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county. >> 6:16, hey, sal, are you helping the folks on highway 4 this morning? are you helping anybody this morning -- [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- i am here, all right, i am trying to help the folks on highway 4. let's go out and take a look at what we have with highway 4 westbound. it is going to be a little bit slow up to the willow pass grade, especially slow at antioch, no major problems once you get to the bay point area. westbound 24 traffic looking good up to the tunnel. no major troubles on the oakland side as well. this morning's commute continues to be okay but now it is getting a little bit more slow pat the bay bridge toll plaza. we are getting about a two minute delay with the cash lanes. now at 6:17 here is steve. >> sal, thank you. on this monday morning clear skies except right over by the water's edge. there is fog hanging out there that made an impact yesterday with 70s and 80s by the coast. inland it won't matter today. let's get right to it. clear skies out there, 48 in
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san francisco so, i mean it is on the mild side for some but i looked over at ft. funson, 55 with a west wind but parts of the 70 where there is no wind at all so really tricky over there, away from the coast the big high is building in. you can actually see the signature of that. so sunny, nice to warm that hot. 64 in san francisco, patchy fog to the west, sunny, nice to warmer, is what that should say, 50s and 60s right now, low 60s oakland-berkeley, 51 thousand santa rosa and snap, a watch though how that just really flexes, that is a mess of a big signature high building in, nice by the coast. hot away. patchy fog there, some of that visibility could be restrict. 70s and 80s by 3 beacheses and 90s and 100s for everyone else. we will continue that cooling them for the rest of the week and get temperatures back down to near average by the end of the week pam and dave. >> southwest airlines is buying
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air tran for $1.4 billion. the combined company will operate from more than 100 airports and serve more than 100 million customers. it also gives southwest more exposure to some of existing markets including boston and new york. >> the latest survey of gasoline prices shows they have held steady for two weeks. the national average is 2.69, 19 cents more than a year ago. here in the bay area we are paying less than this time last year. in san francisco drives paying 3.13 a gallon, with prices in the east bay averaging 3.05, about a dime less than this time last year. >> the union that represents san francisco hotel workers says it will not say in advance if there will be a strike, that is after the san francisco business times reported there could be a strike this week at the hilton union square. the union has held short-term picketing at several major san francisco hotels this year.
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the workers at 60 major san francisco hotels have been working without a contract since august of last year and no new negotiations are scheduled. hotel smngt have not made any comments. >> well, wrongful death allegations, what a new report revealed about an inmate's death at san francisco's hall of justice. >> how a volunteer firefighter was hurt battling this fast moving brush fire in bodega. >> so far so good with the morning commute although we do have some slow downs dwooping. we will tell you more about traffic and have your bay area forecast coming up. promised her late sister son that she would take care of her children. but she needed help. i used my american express open card to get half a million points to buy building materials to help build the jackson family a new home. well, i know if my dad was still around, he would have told me, with no doubt...
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he would have told me it's a no brainer and i knew that from the start. it was an honor. booming is moving forward by giving back.
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bay area bridges getting a little bit more crowded bay bridge in particular right now. the toll plaza a delay building after they switched on those metering lights, san mateo, golden gait and richmond bridge looking good. >> the investigation continues into a wildfire in bodega that injured a volunteer firefighter. the fire was fully contained yesterday morning, it started yesterday afternoon and burn along bodega highway, officials say the volume firefighter is doing much better but remains
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in a san francisco hospital. he was hurt when he came into contact with a downed power line. that fire destroyed one outbuilding and two cars. we may hear details today of the state budget deal worked but. the big 5 stayed quiet over the weekend about the negotiations but last thursday they said they had reached a tentative agreement. the group has been meeting in the governor's southern california office but said they would be back in sacramento today to unveil details. this morning oakland police are searching for the gunman who shot and wounded two people last night near the intersection of 102nd avenue and pippen, investigators say the man fired several shots at two victims and ran away. both men are expected to survive. it is still not clear what led up to the gunfire. the criminal proceedings against phillip garrido are on hold at least for the next few weeks. on friday the judge ordered a mental evaluation saying he has
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concerns about garrido's competence to stand trial. a hearing is scheduled for october 8th. dpar rid do and his wife nancy are accused of kidnapping jaycee dugard and holding her captive for 18 years. criminal proceedings against garrido's wife nancy will go forward. >> 6:24. a lawsuit will be filed today on behalf of the family of an inmate who died in custody at san francisco's hall of justice. 31-year-old i say a downs died last september. now according to the medical examiner's report sheriff's deputies cuffed, shackled and subdued him after a struggle. after those restraints were removed, downs stopped breathing. the medical examiner says he died from position als a fix i a. >> they didn't rule it a
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homicide. >> investigators say the men were wearing dark hooded sweatshirts and masks when they were robbed -- or when they rob customers and employees at gunpoint. no one was hurt. investigators in cost tray cost that county are searching door to door for a carpet cleaner and calling him a person of interest in a sexual assault of a women. he is described as a white man, 6'0" between 20 and 30 years old with a full beard. they have tied him to a sexual assault 11 days ago, the 4th at the apartment complex n recent weeks. well, a deadly confrontation at a fran residential hotel. why police say they were forced to shoot a man after responding to a noise complaint.
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>> reporter: what a condemned killer is now dieing to try to halt his wednesday execution. >> and wall street is on track to have its best september since 1939. take a look at what is happening today just ahead the opening bell is about ready to ring.
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good morning, right now traffic is going to be busy, they have switched on those metering lights and all of a sudden traffic is beginning to back up. you see just fast the 880 overcrossing there we have some back up. that is about a 10 to 15 minute delay. no major -- more like 10 minutes once you get past the metering lights, no major problems into the city. and this is highway 4, the sail thing goes. all of a sudden we have started to slow down coming over to the willow pass grade and no major
6:30 am
problems some problems on 680 already slow heading south, just about 6:30, let's go back to the desk -- [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- about ready to ring, a flurry of activity, merger and acquisition, there on the new york stock exchange like to introduce you to the prime minister of croatia, she is the first female -- [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- more than 15 years but she is there visiting new york -- [ bell rings ] >> -- looks like a pretty good day because of some merger news this morning. we will talk about that in just a little bit. >> all right, we will go ahead and smile and say good morning to you, thank you for joining us here on the ktvu morning news, monday day, september 27th. i am dave clark. >> good morning.
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i am pam cook. time now is 6:30. >> they will ask a supreme court judge to block this man's execution at 12:01 wednesday. this would be california's first execution in five years, kraig debro is at san quinton right now with an update an this really closely watched case. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, dave, we are now less than two days away from the first execution in the state in five years, if the state sanctioned killing isn't halted by a district court judge, but an appeals court, the aclu says it is ready. they say they will av a news conference and a vigil on this very street leading up to the eastern entrance to the prison. the condemned killer is alfred -- albert greenwood brown, he is scheduled to be executed at 12 a.m. wednesday. he was sentenced to death in 1982 for the rape and murder of a fenh 15-year-old riverside girl. according to e the district attorney he pulled her into an
6:32 am
orange grove and strangled her with her own shoe laces and over the next days and weeks tormented his family with a series of phone calls, during one he told the mother she would never see her daughter gene and he would call back later to tell her where to find the body. they appealed for a stay. they say changes are minor and the judge didn't respond to public comment. yesterday brown missed a deadline to choose between a one drug execution and a three dug execution. >> that would be the three drug protocol using all three of the drugs. they bar bit watt, the par a littic and finally the potassium chloride to kill. >> the judge believes the three dug procedure has issues under the federal constitution, which is why he says he has the option of proceeding under the one drug procedure, which he
6:33 am
believes is safer. >> the u.s. district judge halted excuses in 2006. he agreed with a legal challenge which claimed procedures for the three drug cocktail were not clear, recordkeeping were bad and the death chamber was too dimly lit. but the judge is know allowing them to proceed because of a supreme court ruling in 2008 which upheld lethal injections in kentucky and because they have been justing them with no reported problems, that even as he proceeds over a lawsuit challenging that same procedure. he has filed an appeal with the u.s. 9th circuit court. coming up why the prison could be the only ones that halt the execution if the 9th circuit doesn't. reporting live at san quinn phone, kraig debro, kt v ktvu
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channel 2news. >> all right. you can get updates at any time by going to our website -- [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] >> -- contacted that hotel resident police say he pulled out a weapon, forcing the police to shoot. residents at the hotel had this reaction. >> i feel like officers ought to be here. it is a very unsafe place. i am getting out of here as soon as i can. >> no police officers were hurt. they have not told us his name but several neighbors tell us his name was michael lee and he was in his 40s. >> let's check in with sal. it is getting crowded. >> it is getting crowded there and everywhere else. at the toll plaza backed up
6:35 am
beyond the 880 overcrossing and all of a sudden we have a crowd because they turned those lights on. so once you get on to the bridge it does move well into the city but you are waiting there for a while. not too bad. no major problems on the bridge. also this morning's commute is okay on northbound and southbound 680, that traffic is moving along well. and if you are driving in san mateo, burlingame, redwood city, half moon bay you can see the road sense soars picking up green, mostly yellow, no major problems to -- [ inaudible ] >> -- upper deck comes out in some weird conversations every once in a while, steve. >> yes, sal. >> yes. >> upper deck sal. >> upper deck, eare we having controversy -- upper deck of the kitchen looking good. >> thank you, sal. good morning. clear skies unless you are right over there. now, if you are out there it is going to be hot okay. i am just -- [ inaudible ] >> -- tricky, some of that fog is just kind of like hugging
6:36 am
the coast but we are under clear skies this morning. fire danger goes up. we really don't have the -- really the north-northeast wind to talk about but we do mav lie pressure building in and temperatures will start to warm up, 90s and 100 recess, i think. are we sleeping in there, control room or something, feet up on the desk or -- [ inaudible ] >> -- 70s, 80s by the coast. 90s 100s inland. 3 fog is thick in spots a littl this is a big high pressure building in so nice by the cost. hot away. gilroy, our target forecast today, starting off 56, 82, we will go for a high of 102 today. and there will be a lot of locations morgan hill, san martino all in there as we feel. santa rosa yesterday 97, 100 today. the city was 80, we will go 84 qo. all of -- [ inaudible ] >> -- city today. walnut creek 96 yesterday, 100 today. oakland 86 to 92 and san jose
6:37 am
from 91 we will go 99er, one of the keys is the warm air aloft. mt. tam 80 already five degrees warm than sunday morning. marina district 55, stanford mid-50s, pleasanton, vallejo and ve verb a 60. then you hit southern california, cooking down there. this system deepens -- [ inaudible ] >> -- cool by the coast for some, yesterday was a cool down over by the beaches -- [ inaudible ] >> -- in san francisco on -- on saturday, yesterday temperatures came down a little bit so 50s and 80s by the beaches, 90 to 100 degrees inland though so temperatures won't take long to start getting into that hot category, 90s, low 100s but again over by the west, by the beaches 70s and 80s. tomorrow looks to be another day. will it be hot inland? probably not as hot and the cooling trend starts and that will take us into the rest of
6:38 am
the week. >> it looks like some schools are handling the budget crisis better than others. a new report says almost 90 new charter schools are set to open their doors. many have reduced their expenses by hiring newer teachers who earn less money. most charter schools are not bound by teacher union contracts and engine wral have more flexibility with their budgets. this morning san francisco mayor gavin newsom and city school officials will announce that they have received a $3 million grant to help students complete college. the bill and melinda gates foundation will give 1 million dollars a year for three years to help finance programs to help students get ready for college and get their degrees, san francisco was chosen because of high levels of cooperation and communication between city and school officials from kindergarten through college. >> perhaps some more good news, those trapped miners in chile, a key piece of rescue equipment
6:39 am
has just arrived at the mine. >> reporter: the city of san francisco may ban toys in kids meals. the opposition and crofs straight ahead. >> good morning, southbound 101 traffic in marin county doing very well approaching the 580 interchange. we will tell you more about the traffic and weather straight ahead.
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good morning to you, welcome back, here is a quick
6:42 am
look at some of stories we are following for you. fire danger is all over the bay area because it is so hot. cal firefighters has more firefighters on stand by because conditions are ripe for a wildfire. also this morning jackie spear will go back to the san bruno pipeline disaster zone and revile her pipeline safety plan. under her proposal pipelines running through earthquake zones and densely populated areas would have to have automatic or remote controlled shut off valves. and the obama administration is looking to make it easier for the government to eavesdrop on internet and e-mail communications. according to the new york times the white house is proposing a bill to require all on-line services to be technically equipped to comply with a wiretap order. >> san francisco's proposed crack down on kids meals could face tough opposition today. ktvu's jade her her joins us now with a look at the city's
6:43 am
plan and why it is so controversial. jade. >> reporter: good morning. when you think of toys and kids meals one might immediately think of mcdonald's happy meals but this ban would not just target this food chain. we are live in san francisco this morning. san francisco's crack down would encompass toys in happy meals, other fast food chains and even local restaurants. the restaurant industry has been lobbying hard against banning the popular toy give- aways outright but the city wants to make it illegal if it exceeds the city's set limits. it would have to contain half a cup of fruit and 3/4s of a cup of veggies. many fear government regulation has gone too far. a voice of opposition even coming from inside city hall. the mayor gavin newsom.
6:44 am
while he supports kids eating better he says, dictating what plastic toys could be put in a cardboard box is not the right way to achieve that. santa clara has already adopted a similar law that only covers unincorporated parts of the county and only effects four businesses. we have already contacted mcdonald's officials. they plan to hold a press conference a few hours before this hearing today and they say banning toys in meals just is not the right way to fight childhood obesity. we will have more on that coming up. reporting live from san francisco, jade hernandez, back to you in the studio. >> well, two armed men dressed in black created some tense moments at the international airport in san jose over the weekend. nervous witnesses said they approached the information desk saturday afternoon to inquire about a flight from dallas. they had assault rifles strapped across their chest with handguns in their holsters. they were security agents from the lab that came to the
6:45 am
airport to pick up a co-worker. >> your time 6:44, a levee in wisconsin may crest soon and nearby residents have evacuated. it is flooding a major roadway into the town of portage. the river is swollen because of thunderstorms last week. look at this. put the water should recede on wednesday. a lot of residents evacuated until that water starts going back down. in chile the first of three rescue capsules have arrived at that mine where 33 miners remain trapped underground. the so-called phoenix capsule is designed to hold a single miner at a time and just wide enough to be sent down the hole and then back up an escape tunnel. it also has its own air supply and escape hatch. the government is hoping to free all of those miners by early november. >> the pastor of a huge church
6:46 am
in georgia made his first comments from the pulpit about section al allegations against him. bishop eddie long spoke to his kong gray gages who packed his church yesterday. he did not address the specific allegations but said he would fight them. >> i want you to know one other thing, i feel like david against goliath, but i got five rocks and i haven't thrown one yet. >> now four men filed lawsuits last week -- last week, claiming the bishop used his standing and gifts to coerce them into sexual relations when they were 17 or 18 years old. >> our time now 6:46, sal you need to help everybody get to where they need to go this morning. >> you know and the good thing i don't have to help too much because there aren't a lot of accidents or stalled vehicles out there so far. there is slow traffic to be aware of though on 237 westbound as you cross 880 already bogging down for your
6:47 am
trip over to the valley and if you are trying to get into the veil on 101 or 280 it is also going to be slowing up especially at those key intersections, 280 at 101 at 880. this is near the coliseum. still okay. getting crowded. westbound traffic coming up to the pay gates a 15 minute delay. there have been minor accidents here and there. cross your fingers ill will stay relatively quiet for this monday. 6:47. here is steve. >> good morning, sal. look at this, unless you are right over by the coast it is clear, sunny, warm, then hot. it won't take longs, today looks loo to be the hottest day of the week. over by the coast fog just hugging the cost. there no wind at all. a little hint there. that is nothing. so i mean there is no sea breeze in place except right by
6:48 am
-- [ inaudible ] >> -- water's edge and that is about it. fog is around 2-300 feet and you can see why, that is a dome of high pressure building in right there so that means we are glowing to be in the hot category for many today 100s for those away from the coast even wam warmer than yesterday. nice to sunny to warm to hot. 70s and 80s by the beaches a tricky call over there, 53 san francisco, a high of 84, although i would not be surprised if there was an 86 or even a 76 just depending on your location or proximity to the -- to the west or the beaches. 58, 60s to many, 59 san jose, 61 oakland and berkeley right now so 35 up untahoe, still a chill in the morn air, 50s for some but southern california will be really hot. already 70s and 80s down there, the entire west coast up to vancouver is being controlled by high pressure, so that means temperatures on the way up. sunday cooler conditions by the coast because the fog came back. well it is still there but inland it didn't matter. so fog near the coast but warm
6:49 am
to not away, so 50s to 100s today. some of that fog will just be hanging out. not going anywhere except right there by the water's edge, so 50s and 80s by some but then 90s and 100s for everyone else. could be record highs today especially towards miewntane view and san jose, other locations would have to be warmer but those look to be the two prime at least so far -- [ inaudible ] >> -- into thursday and friday. >> well, just as many people are starting to make holiday travel plans a new survey shows airline fees are up more than 50%. peening jeers say the most annoying fee is to check luggage. now most airlines charge an average of $54 to check one bag, only two airlines charge no fee, last year the average fee was just $15 and four airlinings didn't charge for -- for baggage. all right, let's go live to new york. the new york stock exchange, the dow jones showing its loss
6:50 am
of about 30 points to 10,831. kind of surprising because the futures pointed to a higher opening this morning on a lot of merger news. we have been talking about uni lever buying another in the industry, the products industry, consumer products, and we also have southwest airlines buying air tran but right now as you can see numbers are slightly lower. starting today the nfl is giving fashion advice to female fans. the league is now offering thousands of new products to help women wear their team's colors and include jeans with logos on the back pockets, yoga mats and flip-flops. the nfl is joining forces with stores including victor imra secret, destination play fernt and old navy to sell them. the nfl estimates 44% of football fans are women. >> and alisa milan 0 -- [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- that -- >> -- yes, fashion. >> mail in your mailbox, that may not be a good idea, especially in one bay area neighborhood where police are
6:51 am
telling residents don't do it. >> also there is new information involving two navy pi lots who took a dip at lake that lo. >> good morning, traffic is moving along okay in marin county as ♪
6:52 am
[ female announcer there's only one you. that's why sutter health created, where you can find a doctor based on criteria important to you. and because it's sutter health, you can choose a doctor from some of the most respected medical groups and hospitals in northern california. find your doctor today at sutter health. with you. for life.
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time now 6:53. let's go to tori to see what is coming up on morings on two. good morning. >> good morning, dave and pam. in minutes this morning there is a new effort to block california's first execution in nearly five years. albert brown is set to die on wednesday, but will last minute legal challenges force another stay? we will have a live report from san quinton. a new pipeline safety proposal gets unveiled today in san bruno, a new report is out about gas line leaks across the country and the results are not good news for pg&e. president obama has some ambitious plans to improve education but students and teachers may not like the ideas, those stories and more on mornings on 2, now back to you on the morning news. >> tori, thank you. >> uh-huh. >> there is a new development this morning involving those two navy helicopter pilots who dipped their helicopter into the waters of lake tahoe, the navy grounded them after this incident was caught on tape. now, this was two weeks ago. take a look at this.
6:55 am
there are reports the two pilots were conducting unauthorized stunts. now the pentagon has evidence those 2 pilots may have had a legitimate reason for flying above the lake. >> san enselmo police are warning people about the danger of putting outgoing mail in your mailbox, mailboxes were robbed twice in the last month on greenfield avenue, in one case the victim was able to stop payment on some stolen checks but in another case the thief already crashed 1200 dollars in checks something called whitewashing. >> it is where they use a liquid that will dissolve only ballpoint pen ink and not printed ink. >> police are encouraging people to put outgoing mail in drop boxes or take it to the
6:56 am
post office and are hoping to catch the thief by seeing video of him cashing one of those checks. >> how are we doing on the roads sal? >> no major problems although it is getting busier out there. the bay bridge at capacity now with at least a 15 minute delay into the city. no major problems on the bridge as we look at the traffic incident report. chp is giving us a pretty good sign when it comes to incidents, not many anyway. this is a look at san francisco northbound 101 traffic looking good approaching the 80 split and going off to the central freeway still looking good. the morning drive is okay on 237 westbound. got a little bit of slow traffic crossing 880. today's weather, with steve. >> sal, thank you, sir. well exempt right by the coast where there is some fog continuing mainly san francisco south, marin county, san mateo not so much on the santa cruz coastline it is go oink to be warm to hot and it won't take wrong, 90s, winds, already in
6:57 am
the low 7060s but over by the west low 80s, spam and gave. >> california voters are leaning towards make in the golden state the first in the country to legalize marijuana for recreation at use. that the bottom line of our new pole. this poll says 49% are inclined to vote yes, 42% are against it. however opponents are confident these numbers will change before election day. voters go to the polls november the second. >> well costs for new cancer treatment drugs are skyrockets. they that have been topping 5000 dollars a month for the last 10 years but a new treatment costs $93,000, that treatment is for advanced prostate cancer patients and uses their own immune cells. >> well, the government may soon be able to read your facebook status updates and even your blackberry e-mail. we will tell you why the obama administration is pushing for broader wiretapping pours. >> and we want to take you live to san quinton this morning
6:58 am
where the state's first execution in five years is set to take place in less than two days. it looks pretty busy there this morning. we are monitoring the 11th hour efforts to stop that execution, stay with us, that is up next. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
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